Talos – Attikis LTD based in Athens Greece, located among some of the best Transportation companies in Greece.

Fully understand and probably first of all the other Greeκ transportation companies, how serious and sensitive is the transportation, the handling and the relevant storing of the pharmaceutical products, established a separate department witch its only objective is to manage all the above critical issues.

Talos - Attikis LTD Quality Certificates - World Health Organization Annex 9, Annex 5/ Services Freight Forwarding and medicines storage- awarder company and especially the pharmaceutical logistics department can provide to you the following:

  • Transportation, Handling and Storaging services according to the latest GMP

  • Full Temperature Monitoring System

  • Full Traceability System

  • Immediate response to your requirement from almost everywhere to almost anywhere, by combining all the relevant Transportation Modes

  • Immediately response to complanes

  • With competive prices and rates

  • Because we have only one goal in mind: To add to your values by transporting with care.