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With experienced, scientifically and technologically trained staff, Talos Attikis Ltd is your business partner in the field of storage and handling of pharmaceutical and related health products. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer storage solutions for your goods ensuring their safety and integrity. Our dedicated team of drivers and state-of-the-art vehicles guarantee the delivery of your products safely and consistently. We proudly connect your business to global markets and always with a vision of continuous growth.
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Our many years of experience always leads us to the best and fastest service by combining the appropriate means of transport for each individual case

We TALOS ATTIKIS, fully understand the importance and sensitivity of transport, handling, storage and overall management of the entire pharmaceutical transport chain, has created an exclusive department that offers you, its customer:

Instant support

Immediacy with care and safety in the pickups, loadings and deliveries from and to any part of the world our customer chooses, making every possible combination of transport for his benefit.

24/7 Service

Following the goods throughout the entire transport route. Possibility of continuous tracking of the goods with the most advanced telematics systems.

Management and Storage

Guided by the Good Distribution Practice (GDPs) and WHO (Annex 5, Annex 9) rules for which we are certified, we provide storage of your goods in our modern facilities

Data Reports

Monitoring throughout the entire duration of transport/storage and with the possibility of immediate delivery of a detailed report of the temperature profile of the goods to the customer.

Security of transportation & TAPA Coverance

The state-of-the-art means of transport, manufactured in Germany, provide maximum security to the customer's goods to ensure integrity and quality until the final destination. Some of our Trailers have the specifications for TAPA coverage (goods security against theft and other threats).

Communication and response

Immediate communication and response to customer requests. Experience and know-how are assets in finding the best solutions for the customer.


The road transport division offers full loads and groupage services.

We specialize in the transportation of pharmaceutical and related health products, medical devices and equipment, fully covering any requirements of the types of cargo and loading methods.

Our strong network of dealers around the world, together with our many years of experience in road transport, guarantees excellent service at competitive prices.

The easy access to our warehouses in Aspropyrgos, combined with the excellent equipment we have for loading and unloading, allow for fast and safe handling of goods.

The maritime transport department cooperates daily with the company’s Global Network of correspondents in all major commercial ports of the world.

Inbound and outbound services, taking care of the collection and management of your goods, as well as the processing of the necessary customs formalities, thus ensuring high quality services and competitive freight rates.

Your goods are transported in 20ft/40ft containers as well as in groupage (consolidation)

The air transport department of TALOS ATTIKIS LTD combines the high specialization of its executives, certified by IATA CEIV Pharmaceutical Logistics, with the ability to respond from and to all airports of the world.

Cargo delivery on a daily basis
Booking with the selected airline
Suitability of the means of transport corresponding to the load
Customized packaging according to customer requirements
Customs procedures
Continuous updates through our available communication infrastructure.