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Years of experience in Transportation and Storage of pharmaceutical products

talos attikis

Company profile

Talos-Attikis is a modern company in the transport industry covering the whole range of specific activities, internationally and nationally, by land, sea and air.

The experienced and specialized staff of Talos-Attikis, combined with the extensive network of correspondents around the world, transports with the primary focus on the observance of the rules of quality, safety, speed combined with competitive prices. At the same time, the Logistics department of our company provides high quality services (3rd party logistics services) with reliability and consistency. A well-organized IT network ensures the continuous information of our customers, through personal and online communication.
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talos attikis truck

Start of activity

- 2006 -
talos gmbh

Correspondents agreement with Talos GmbH & Cyprus Pharmapoint Transportation ltd

- 2015 -

Certificates CEIV pharma, IATA excellence in Pharmaceutical Logistics, ISO 9001:2015, ΔΥ8/1348/04, Annex 5 & Annex 9

- 2016 -
talos attikis

Acquisition of a privately owned fleet

- 2017 -

WDA Licensing, GDP Certificate

- 2023 -


Immediate undeRstanding, processing and responding to our customers request

Our experienced staff responds directly to our customers request and after thorough editing of the individual elements, identifies the needs and proposes the relevant proper solutions for the benefit of him.

Continuous improvement and certification

Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our services, the extend of our quality certifications and the dynamism collated the challenges of each day, are our only guiding principle, by which we offer our complete transportation and storing services.


Professionalism and cooperation

Our company reinforces in practice the high professionalism of its executives and graft it with the value of cooperation. Thus, the seamless cooperation of its departments is the safety valve of the quality and competitive character of our services.


Communication as a driving source for the success of our services

For us, communication is the natural process by which we perceive our professional environment. Respect and solvency are the pillars of our long-standing partnerships.

Our deep belief to the value of our people

Our people are not only the staff of our company. It is the core of its processes and actions. That is why we ensure to empower not only of their professional skills but also of their moral strength, with a view to success in each different stage and circumstance.


Our philosophy

To provide high quality services to meet customer requirements with the best business outcome.

We transport your products safely around the world