Our company TALOS Attikis, from the very first day of its establishment, chose to provide quality, economically competitive transportation and storage services to all the customers who would trust us.

This corporate aim, evolved into a corporate goal. All the technical, the financial and the human resources that would serve it, were identified and as the time went by, the results of TALOS Attikis showed – and it continues to show - our strong commitment to its achievement.

Within today's business environment and by understanding the new and rigorous components, surrounding transportation and storage services - such as tight GMP / GDP - and the ever-shorter response times required for market demands in general, we are pleased to inform you about the very important developments, that take place at TALOS Attikis, for your benefit.

From today, TALOS Attikis proceeds to undertake your transport project, relying on its new, privately owned and pioneer trucks.

The combination of the means of transport above and the important Quality Certificates that we have in our possession (WHO Annex 9,Annex 5/ Services Freight Forwarding and medicines storage), assisted by the experienced human resources that crucially and decisively surrounds the management, gives us the certainty that today, more than ever, we can offer you complete, quality and cost-effective solutions to your company's transport and warehousing needs.

It will be a great pleasure to discuss in detail about our new transport capabilities, the solutions that we can safely provide and storage issues that may concern you.

Thank you very much.


Ioannis Tsalikis
Managing Director